USPS Business Account Vs Personal Account in 2022

USPS, United States Postal Service is much more popular and trustworthy for all kinds of postage services. You can just sign up for your account for USPS and utilize the services whenever you want. USPS accounts could either be related to business use or one’s personal use. This means you can set up a business or personal account with USPS.

When it comes to the USPS business accounts, it is often asked “Do you have to pay for a business account?” The answer is no. There are no charges for making up an account for USPS, whether it’s a business account or a personal one, it is totally free. No matter how many packages you post, you’ll only have to pay for the postage and print shipping labels online. No charges are needed for the USPS account.

What is USPS Business Account?

USPS business accounts are specifically for the people who run different businesses. These accounts help them to run their business in a better way with the availability of USPS business accounts.

What is USPS Business Account

USPS business accounts provide great benefits. Special discounts for substantial reduction of shipping rates are also provided. For large-scale businesses, USPS business accounts offer fair deals on bulk shipping as well. The following services are available through a USPS business account.

  • Supports the delivery of advertising campaigns
  • Schedules pickups
  • Obtains marketing insights through the process
  • Labels are printed and tracked

What are USPS business days?

The USPS provides its services from Monday to Saturday. However, business hours on Saturdays are comparatively lesser than those on usual weekdays.

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How to Create a Business Account with USPS?

In order to create a business account (or change your account from personal to business), create a new account. By visiting, you can start the process of creating a new account. Go to the website and look for the option “Create new account“. Insert the required details very carefully.

The process will not take more than 10 minutes, and you’ll have your new USPS business account up and running. It is simply as easy as creating any other account on any platform.

USPS Personal Vs Business Account

Currently, USPS offers two different types of accounts; personal and business. In general, you should use your Personal account, called “household“, when you have day-to-day mailing needs, such as buying stamps, shipping packages occasionally, and tracking your shipments.

USPS Personal Vs Business Account

Additionally, a “business” account includes customizable receiving and return options and negotiated mailing costs. You can only change the type of USPS account by creating a new one and logging into it.

Here are some reasons why USPS Business Accounts are a better option than having a USPS Personal Account.

  1. Tracking Facility
  2. Advancement
  3. Postage Boxes
  4. Get Mails Anywhere
  5. Use PayPal
  6. No Paperwork or Manual Process Required
  7. Create Labels Quickly

1. Tracking Facility

With the business accounts, your customers no longer have to contact you to inquire about whether their packages were delivered due to the USPS tracking facility. A business account allows you to send email or SMS alerts to your customers. Customers can receive real-time delivery notifications from USPS.

This lets them know exactly where their package is. It is much easier for them to keep track of their goods’ positions, movements, and progress without having to knock on your door repeatedly.

For instructions regarding the tracking of your package, you may visit Here. 

2. Advancement

You may choose to have USPS deliver your package if you don’t have time to pick it up at the post office. Your package will be picked up for free when you use USPS.

You can ensure your package arrives at your doorstep on time by calling for fast services like Priority Mail. Furthermore, you can receive embellished postage boxes if you mention the timings of your holidays.

3. Postage Boxes

Occasionally, USPS will provide you with free supplies if you have an active business account and you use their Priority or Express mail services. They will be offering you decorated shipping boxes during the holidays, for example. There are many different models available, and you will receive the products for free after ordering within 7-10 business days.

4. Get Mails Anywhere

Having your mail follow you wherever you go is a dream come true. You can do this with a USPS business account, and you just need to let them know if you are planning a long-term move or going on vacation. Afterward, your mail will be delivered directly to your new residence.

USPS Personal Vs Business Account - Get Mails Anywhere

Additionally, you can also choose to pay a weekly fee and have your mail held by USPS for 1 week before it is delivered to your home using USPS Priority Mail Service. There are many options available to suit your exact requirements.

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5. Use PayPal

PayPal payment can simplify a lot of things for a lot of businesses. Having a USPS business account gives you this freedom, and you can pay for the services you receive through PayPal. With this feature, you will be able to keep track of everything you have to pay for, as well as all the services you’re using.

Moreover, it will streamline the process and make it easier to pay fees since the manual entry of mailing charges is eliminated.

6. No Paperwork or Manual Process Required

Business-related processes involving paperwork could be cumbersome and time-consuming. Documenting business transactions and payments on paper have a greater chance of leaving room for errors and loopholes.

Hence, by introducing a fully automated process through the USPS business account, human duties are minimized. Using technology, the system automatically generates forms, mailing labels, and postage statements.

7. Create Labels Quickly

There is a great deal of time involved in creating individual labels for each package. Printing labels for your goods quickly is one of the most useful features of a United States Postal Service business account. Using the ‘Click-N-Ship’ tool, you can easily create your package labels and save both time and money. It lets you print labels anywhere you have access to a printer.

Can I change the USPS account from business to personal?

In the United States Postal Service, there are two kinds of accounts: business and personal. It is indeed possible to change your USPS account from personal to business. However, there is the only option available, creating a new account and logging in to the desired account.

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USPS Account Benefits

USPS has online tools that give you access to your online account so you can download labels, request package pickups, and complete customs forms for international shipments. From your Options page, select Prepare to Ship to get started.

USPS Account Benefits

USPS account benefits can be summed up as follows.

  • You can track your USPS package for free
  • Supplies are sent directly to your home for free
  • Package pickup is free of charge
  • Deliveries on Saturdays are free
  • There is no surcharge for residential delivery

How do I get the best shipping rates for my small business?

If you’re a small business owner, you should use a Three-party logistics company (3PL) You can start with a fulfillment center that offers minimum shipping requirements. In order to reduce shipping costs and transit times while increasing customer reach, you can add more fulfillment locations as you grow.


Entrepreneurs can certainly benefit from a USPS Business account. Quite a lot of the above benefits can provide any business some additional advantages in a highly competitive market.

A company must provide hassle-free communication policies to its customers, conduct campaign campaigns, and streamline its shipping and payment procedures, in addition to ensuring on-time deliveries. This is why USPS Business accounts enhance customer satisfaction.

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