Does USPS Deliver on Saturday & Sunday in 2022?

USPS basically stands for “United States Postal Service”. The United States Postal Service is a reputable, independent agency. Governed by the federal government, the Postal service is provided throughout the United States, including affiliated states and insular areas. In addition to providing superior customer service to every American citizen living in America, USPS has always made things convenient and easy for them.

USPS does deliver on Saturdays as well. In fact, Saturday is a normal business day just like the other weekdays. Standard mail, packages, and parcels can be delivered during the weekend, provided they have been dropped off at the post office before they’re ready to head over for the weekend deliveries.

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday & Sunday

Definitely yes! USPS does deliver on Saturdays. Despite the fact that USPS delivers on Saturdays, the delivery is dependent on the service or class of mail-in use. Orders delivered via Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express might arrive on Saturdays. Standard post, media mail, and first-class mail are not specified.

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday

The shipping services for Saturday deliveries include:

  • First Class Mail
  • First-Class Package
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • USPS Retail Ground

Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express have the most chances to be delivered on Saturday. In fact, ONLY the delivery of Priority Mail Express is guaranteed on Saturday. Other than for shipping on Saturdays, your package’s arrival on Saturday will depend on how long the delivery lead time is and where the package is delivered to. Any of those services above can certainly be used, though.

Does priority mail delivery on Saturday?

Yes. The USPS does deliver Priority mails on Saturdays, just as on the other normal weekdays. Priority Mails have most chances to be delivered on Saturdays but also, their delivery isn’t 100% guaranteed.

What time does USPS deliver on Saturday?

On Saturdays, USPS usually delivers packages by 2 PM, but may deliver packages as late as 6:30 PM during peak seasons, or in case of any inconvenience. When sending packages with delivery guaranteed services like Priority Mail Express, delivery is usually done by 10:30 AM.

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Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

Standard USPS postage usually does not cover Sunday deliveries. Sunday deliveries are only for the Amazon or Priority Mail Packages. The actual business days are from Monday till Saturday. Even on Saturdays, the business hours are comparatively shorter than on other weekdays.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday

Occasionally, USPS letter carriers and equipment may be used to make deliveries on a Sunday like Amazon Partner deliveries), but these are not much seen.

Priority Mail Express is, however, guaranteed to be delivered on Sunday, provided that Sunday doesn’t fall on some official holiday. A money-back guarantee is also provided in case your package isn’t delivered in time. In the case of Priority Mail, the order can’t be delivered on Sundays. In any case, the order wasn’t delivered on Saturday, it would be processed further after the weekend; that is on Monday.

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USPS Delivery Schedule

Priority Mail Priority Mail Express First Class Mail Media Mail USPS Retail Ground
Delivery Standard 1 – 3 weekdays, but not guaranteed 1 – 2 weekdays, with a money-back guarantee in case of late delivery 1 – 3 weekdays, but not guaranteed 2 – 8 weekdays, but not guaranteed 2 – 8 weekdays, but not guaranteed
Service Days Monday to Saturday. Sunday deliveries are only in major areas and for Amazon only Monday to Saturday. For Sunday deliveries, additional charges apply Monday to Saturday Monday to Saturday Monday to Saturday
Delivery Time Within 1 – 3 business days Overnight delivery (but 2 days guarantee) Within 1 – 3 business days Within 2 – 8 business days Within 2 – 8 business days
Delivery Areas Any area/Address throughout the United States Any area/Address throughout the United States Any area/Address throughout the United States Any area/Address throughout the United States Any area/Address throughout the United States


How to Ensure Weekend Delivery with USPS?

You can have information about your package delivery at every step. To ensure weekend deliveries with USPS, you can get help from the following services:

Delivery Instructions – This service helps you manage your package just the way you want. You can guide the postman to deliver your order right at the doorstep, or neighbor’s house. Other options include having your package sent to another address, having your package held at a Post Office for pick-up, upgrading to Priority Mail, or adding extra services to your order.

Redelivery – You can reschedule your package delivery if you’ve missed your scheduled delivery on the USPS Redelivery Service. You can pick the date on which your parcel will be redelivered once you enter your parcel information. The redelivery of your package can take place on both Saturday and Sunday as long as your package qualifies for weekend delivery.

For Guaranteed Weekend Postage – You can always count on receiving your package within 1-2 days if you use Priority Mail Express. You can guarantee that your package will arrive on the weekend by placing your order at the end of the week and paying the additional postage cost.

For details about how to provide instructions or track your order, you may visit Here.

How to track your USPS package?

For the tracking of your order to know the present status, you’ll have to visit the USPS tracking service online. You’ll be asked to enter your tracking number, which you would have received when you confirmed your order. Upon entering the tracking number, you’ll get to know the current status of your order.

How to track your USPS package

Why is my package still in transit USPS?

There are a number of reasons why your package may be stuck in transit: loss, damage, or even problems with the USPS tracking system. Your package may have been misplaced, mislabeled, or simply overlooked by US Postal Service staff for some reason. Therefore, once its absence is called to your attention, contact the USPS service and you’d be able to track it.

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What Time Does USPS Deliver?

The delivery time of the USPS is generally between 8 AM to 5 PM local time. This is the same for all the weekdays from Monday to Saturday. The deliveries are usually not late until and unless there are no hard circumstances for the delivery procedures to be carried out.

Final Verdict

For USPS delivery, it’s important to keep a track of your order. No doubt, it’s one of the safest delivery services in the United States, but keeping a record of what step is your order going through and what would be the expected delivery time is important.

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