Does Walgreens Accept EBT? What Forms of Payment Does it Accept

A very commonly asked question is, Does Walgreens Accept EBT? Yes. Walgreens, like many other grocery stores and pharmacies in the United States, does accept EBT. If you’re confused about Walgreens food stamps and EBT, we’d like to clear you that they’re both the same thing! If you’ve qualified for the food stamp program, you’ll be issued an EBT card which means you can use it at any store that accepts EBT.

Walgreens is the second-largest and one of the most popular pharmacy stores after CVS Health. It is basically an American company and its stores are run in the entire United States. They fill prescriptions as well as provide health information, wellness products, and photo services.

What’s important to note here is that most of the Walgreen stores accept EBT but not entirely all of them. Different stores might prefer accepting different forms of payments. To confirm what form of payment your nearby Walgreen accepts, you may call or visit the store.

Also, if you’re wondering Does Walgreens sell stamps? The answer is yes. Walgreen stores do sell stamps as well.

Does Walgreens Take EBT?

Yes. Walgreen’s takes EBT as a form of payment. Most of the locations will accept EBT cards but some won’t. Also, for the ones that accept, restrictions do apply. You can only purchase the items that fall under the category of eligible items. For non-eligible items, you’ll have to opt for a different payment method.

Does Walgreens Take EBT

How to Check if Your Nearest Walgreens Accept EBT?

There are around 9000 Walgreen stores in the 50 states of the United States. To check if your nearest Walgreens accept EBT, you can opt for any one of the following methods:

  • Walgreens officially features a store locator that helps you find nearby Walgreen stores within 50 miles of your location. By entering your location’s state, city, and zip code, you can find the nearest store.
  • You can access the contact number of Walgreens through their website and call them or visit them in person during their hours of operation.
  • The SNAP agency can also help you provide the list or information about the SNAP-approved stores around your location.

Walgreens that Accept EBT Near Me

Most probably, the Walgreens store near you will accept EBT. But if you’re unsure, you can use the store locator tool to find it. However, most of the stores in all the states of the US do accept EBT.

Walgreens that Accept EBT Near Me

Does Walgreens Accept EBT in California?

Yes. EBT is accepted by Walgreens in California at almost all its physical stores. However, it does not accept EBT for online purchases.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT in Texas?

Yes. Walgreens does accept EBT in Texas as well. But the same thing applies here too. You can only purchase eligible items using your EBT card. For non-eligible items, you’ll have to go for an alternate method.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT in Louisiana?

Yes. Walgreens stores in Louisiana also accept EBT in almost all their physical stores. For online purchases, you cannot use an EBT card in Louisiana.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT in Alabama?

Yes. Walgreens accepts EBT in Alabama as well. However, the restrictions apply. You cannot make online purchases with an EBT card, neither you can purchase non-eligible items for food stamps.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT in New York?

Yes. Most of the grocery stores including Walgreens do accept EBT in New York.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT in Florida?

Yes. Florida is also one of the states of the US that approve the majority of its grocery stores and pharmacies to accept EBT for the purchase of eligible items. However, again, online purchase isn’t possible with EBT cards in Florida.

What Can You Purchase at Walgreens with EBT or Food Stamps?

In general, all the stores that allow the acceptance of EBT cards have the same conditions and restrictions for the purchase of items. So, Walgreens also allows the purchase of items that all other SNAP-approved stores allow.

What Can You Purchase at Walgreens with EBT or Food Stamps

However, the items you can buy with your EBT card at Walgreens are not controlled by the company. The SNAP program basically limits what can be bought from a retailer. Here’s a list of the type of items you can purchase at Walgreens with EBT.

  • Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and other cooking oils
  • Cheese, yogurt, and milk
  • Purified water
  • food plants and seeds that produce food
  • products such as canned foods, frozen foods, and fresh foods
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Discount meat, poultry, and pork products
  • Non-alcoholic beverages

What Items Can’t be Purchased with EBT or Food Stamps?

Walgreens follows SNAP program rules regarding EBT cards, so products considered to be luxurious or non-essential cannot be purchased with EBT.

  • Anything that includes tobacco or alcohol
  • Medicines or drugs
  • Hot prepared food
  • Household supplies, for example, toiletries, soaps, etc.
  • Skincare and makeup products
  • Pet foods

Does Walgreens Accept EBT Cards as Payment?

Yes. You can definitely use your EBT card for the payment of your purchased items until and unless you’ve qualified for the SNAP program. Most probably, your nearby Walgreens store will accept EBT cards but still, there is a possibility it won’t just in case the store doesn’t approve the SNAP program.

Hence, if a Walgreens store is approved for SNAP, it will definitely accept EBT.

Does Walgreens Accept EBT Cards as Payment

Walgreens Official EBT and Food Stamps Policy

Most of Walgreen’s locations do accept EBT and food stamps. Nevertheless, not all drugstores accept EBT cards, so you need to contact your local store or visit them to find out if they do. The SNAP program also governs the way EBT cards can be used.

Therefore, you can only purchase food items eligible for SNAP, such as cereals, discounted meat, soft drinks, snacks, and other essentials, which means other products such as medicines and supplements are not permitted.

Last but not least, Walgreens’ online store does not accept EBT cards. The reason for this is that Walgreens does not participate in USDA’s EBT pilot program which basically would let the users of EBT purchase online as well. The pilot program is designed to allow SNAP beneficiaries to purchase online using EBT. But it doesn’t approve for Walgreens yet.

If the Walgreens store accepts EBT, you can use your EBT to purchase groceries in-store, but you can’t use it to order groceries for delivery or pickup.

Are There Any Restrictions on Who Can Use EBT in Walgreens?

Walgreens and any other store accept EBT cards, but there are restrictions. You won’t be able to make any purchases at Walgreens if you aren’t an authorized user of the card. In most cases, every household member is eligible to use the food stamps benefits.

However, Walgreens management has a right to decline to accept your food stamps, especially if they detect it as an unauthorized transaction.

Are There Any Restrictions on Who Can Use EBT in Walgreens

How to Use Your EBT Card at Walgreens?

Your EBT works just like your debit card. Here’s how to use it. During checkout, swipe your EBT card through the POS terminal. You’ll be asked to enter your secret pin number. You’ll only see **** on the terminal instead of your password. Enter or click OK when you’re done.

After you’ve entered the pin, the cashier will enter the total amount for the transaction. If the amount is accurate, press OK or Yes. Keep your receipt for future reference.

Can You Shop Online at Walgreens Using EBT?

Unfortunately, no. you cannot shop online at Walgreen using EBT. That’s because Walgreens does not approve of the USDA’s Pilot Program. Once it participates in the program, we can hope to shop online using EBT at Walgreens.

Can You Use EBT on Doordash for Walgreens?

Certainly. However, only selected locations accept EBT cards. You can get more details about the program by contacting a Walgreens store near you.

Can You Use EBT on Walgreens Pickup?

Unluckily, no. does not accept EBT or food stamps for online grocery orders or pickups, even if the store accepts the cards in-store.

Can You Use EBT on Walgreens Pickup

What Fast Food Places Take EBT?

The popular restaurants in states of America that accept EBT for food purchases include:

  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • Subway
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Church’s Chicken
  • Great Steaks and many others.

Does Walgreens Take EBT – FAQs

What forms of payment does Walgreens accept?
All Walgreens photo orders can be paid for with credit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, or with a debit card that displays the Visa or Mastercard logo. In addition to checks, cash and Walgreens Gift Cards are also accepted when picking up your order at a Walgreens location.
Does Walgreens use Certegy or TeleCheck?
In most Walgreens stores, TeleCheck is used to process checks for payment quickly and securely. However, it is not necessarily used in all stores.
Does Walgreens accept Afterpay?
Walgreens will accept Afterpay in near future. As a provider of “Buy Now, Pay Later” payments, Afterpay is now preparing to offer its services to customers with select apps at some of the largest merchants in the United States, including Amazon, CVS, and Walgreens.
Can you use CareCredit at Walgreens?
Yes. If you have a CareCredit credit card, you can use it at Walgreens and Duane Reade stores throughout the United States. Swipe your card or insert it like a credit card to pay.
How do I prepay a prescription at Walgreens?
To sign up for Walgreens Express, tap on the Walgreens Express link that you will receive when your prescription is ready. If you’re selecting pickup, Walgreens’ secure online payment system allows you to pay in advance, and you’ll receive your prescription pass and six-digit code.



We hope you would have found the answers to your questions. As we’ve mentioned earlier, most of the Walgreens stores will accept EBT cards as a form of payment but some might even not. For confirmation in this regard, you may contact your nearby Walgreens store.

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