Does CVS Sell Stamps in 2022? – A Complete Guide

Yes, they do. If you don’t want to visit any post office to buy Stamps, No worries you can purchase stamps at all CVS stores near you and online. Buying online From CVS is also a great option Because you don’t need to leave your couch. Almost every CVS pharmacy carry stamps.

If you’re heading to CVS to grab some of your health supplies, it’s a good idea to get some stamps and keep them at home. A part of the store is reserved for stamps and office supplies.

If you want to purchase postage stamps at CVS, you should ask the CVS cashier for a stamps book because it doesn’t have a single one at its outlets. And a customer service agent is always there for you if you cannot find the store’s stamps.

Does CVS sell money orders?

You are surprised to know that CVS sells money orders, and their stores are open 24/7 a week. You can easily find a store near you because it has over 9600 stores in different locations.

CVS uses MoneyGram money orders and sells these orders with a small fee of $1.25 per order. You can buy a money order up to $500 at CVS, and if you want to buy more than $500, you have to purchase multiple money orders.

You can buy money orders, but you don’t cash them at CVS. If you want to cash a money order, you have to visit some cashing or grocery stores. You may be charged for cashing the money order, but it depends on the location.

Make Sure About How Many Stamps Do you Need?

Does CVS sell postcards?

Yes, you can find postcards at many of the CVS stores near you and also available on their official website where you can make an online purchase. However, you cannot get postcard stamps because CVS does not sell postcard stamps.

Buying stamps at CVS pharmacy

CVS is one of the largest, most famous pharmacies in the United States. CVS stores are easy to find and conveniently located.

Buying stamps at CVS pharmacy

While most people use CVS to purchase medications and refill prescriptions, CVS offers various other products. Like most drug stores, CVS sells toilets, other related accessories, cosmetics items, seasonal items, greeting cards, junk food, alcohol, office supplies, and postage stamps.

Therefore, if you have more postage stamps on your shopping list, CVS might be an excellent option for you.

Where to find stamps at CVS?

Now the question arises, where you can find stamps in a CVS pharmacy? Finding stamps at a CVS pharmacy is very simple.

When you enter the pharmacy, don’t walk into different parts of the pharmacy. You can’t find the stamps on shelves. Instead, go directly to the cash counter. Cashiers usually keep the stamps in their money drawer.

Ask your cashier for a book of stamps, and they will add it to your checkout total. You can ask the cashier to evaluate your letter and provide you with the necessary stamps. Pay and get your stamp book within a few minutes.

But if you want to purchase online stamps at CVS from the ease of your home that’s more simple just sending them a message on their official website and here you are good to go.

Postages stamps price at CVS

They don’t offer single stamps in their outlet however you can buy in sheets or a book of stamps. Generally, one booklet contains 20 stamps. These stamps are First-Class stamps, which you can use to send regular envelopes by mail. If you need a single stamp then you buy it at Walgreen.

CVS pharmacy sells postage stamps for the same price offered at United States Post Offices. The price of a book of 20 First-Class Forever stamps is $10 (an individual stamp cost 0.50 cent).

The cost is very nominal. In the CVS store, you have to wait in line because these stamps are very demanding and cost-effective, so people prefer buying them.

These stamps increase on various eves, such as Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc. Therefore, if you use stamps semi-regularly, buying a book of stamps can be an excellent investment.

Where to buy stamps at CVS near me?

If you do not regularly shop at CVS, then you may confuse to know exactly where there’s one closest to you.

While finding a CVS near you, you will never face any difficulty. No matter where you are in the United States, most CVS stores can be found near you. This is because branches of CVS are abundantly present.

Where to buy stamps at CVS near me

You can use their sitemap to locate nearby stores. The map shows all the stores’ locations, and the store’s desired location can easily be found.

The CVS locations are also effortless to find with the help of a store locator. Use the CVS service locator to find the closest CVS pharmacy in your area. Once it is open, type the state, zip code, and area to know the nearest one. Within seconds, it will show you the complete address of CVS in your area.

There is good news for Android mobile users. The CVS pharmacy app is available to people who are Android users. This app will help you to find a store nearby.

Only the location of CVS stores in the US will be displayed in this application. People outside the USA can search on Google to find CVS stores in their region. This is quite simple.

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CVS working hours

It is a good idea to get the working timing before directly visiting any store. CVS has different opening hours for every location. The working hours depend on the locality of CVS. But here are the approx. Timings:

  • It opens at nearly 6-8 AM.
  • It closes around 9-10 PM.

In some areas, they remain open 24/7. You can also check the timing for every CVS pharmacy at the official website of CVS.

Why you should buy postage stamps at CVS?

Since we have our reasons for buying from one store or the other, there are a few things about CVS pharmacy that I think will interest you. Here are some reasons that will make anyone buy from this reputable brand:

  • The company serves more than five million people in the country every day with health-related products and services.
  • The company has more than 30,000 pharmacists in their cooperation.
  • They also focus on employing specialist pharmacists to offer some advice to their potential customers.
  • They became the first store in the company to remove cigarette or tobacco-related products from their store.
  • Wherever you go, you can find CVS. They have a chain of stores across the country.
  • They offer health, food, and various products for your convenience.
  • CVS offers the advantage of getting everything you need in one quick stop

Limitations of buying stamps and envelopes at CVS

CVS is known as one of the best pharmacies, and people come here to buy medicines. It also offers postage stamps and envelope weighing services for your convenience. But it has some limitations too.

  • CVS does not sell individual stamps, and they only deal with the book of stamps. You can buy 1, 2 or many stamp books. However, if you want to get a few stamps, you have to go to the USPS.
  • CVS does not have a variety of stamps. It offers only general stamps. CVS sells a limited variety of stamps for urgent needs.
  • The postcard stamps are also not available.
  • CVS only sells simple forever stamps. If you’re looking for some designed postage stamps, you can’t get them at CVS.

Does CVS Sell Stamps – FAQs

Do CVS sell a single stamp?
No, they don’t sell a single stamp. Stamps are available in the form of booklets. You have to buy a book of stamps.
How many postage stamps a booklet contains?
Stamps are available in the form of a booklet, and each booklet or sheet contains 20 stamps. The benefit of buying a book of stamps helps you in financial and time savings.
How much is the price of stamps at CVS?
You can get stamps for the same price as offered in the United States Post Offices. Generally, one booklet contains 20 First-Class Forever stamps, and the price of one booklet is $10 (an individual stamp cost 0.50 cent).
What type of postage stamps does CVS sell?
You can buy a limited type of stamps at CVS. CVS only sells the First-Class Forever stamps. You can get First-Class Forever stamps in the form of booklets.
Where can we find the stamps at CVS?
Finding stamps at a CVS pharmacy is very simple. Stamps are available at the cash counter at the CVS store. You just have to ask the cashier for a book of stamps.
What are the working hours and days of CVS?
Most of the CVS stores remain open 24/7 throughout the country, but their working hours depend on the locality of CVS.
What else can you buy at CVS?
Apart from stamps, you can get other CVS items like skincare products, prescription drugs, personal care products, food items, etc.
What if your nearest CVS doesn't have stamps?
If you go to a CVS store that doesn’t have stamps, ask or speak to a manager or customer service representative. They can let you know about their policies for selling stamps.
Where I can buy Stamps other than the Post Office?
There are many ways to get Stamps outside the post office But I am covering here CVS near you. Because its a good option and they are also serving online.



There are many reasons why you should consider CVS for buying stamps. If you have an urgent mail or letter to send or want to buy stamps in bulk, you have to go to the nearest CVS. It won’t be a problem because there’s probably one right next to your home. If you need one single stamp then you go to Walgreen pharmacy.

To conclude here, I would recommend you to buy stamps from the nearer CVS store as it serves around five million customers daily and employs more than 240,000 people.

Moreover, its MinuteClinic health services are of top quality.

I also like it because of its good initiative to remove cigarette and tobacco products from its stores. Save your time and effort and check out their online shopping service too. CVS won’t disappoint you.

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