Where Does the Stamp Go on a Letter? – 2021 Guide

While writing a letter, it is very important to know where should the address and stamp be placed. A related question that is often asked is “Where do the stamps go on a letter?”. The answer to this question is, the stamp is always placed on the TOP RIGHT CORNER of your letter’s envelope. The destination and return address also have to be mentioned on the envelope but at a distance from the stamp.

Now, coming towards the importance of placing a stamp. You might be thinking what difference would a stamp make when the addresses are being mentioned. Letters are stamped so that the post office can post them for us. Our stamp purchases help support the post offices and the vans that deliver the letters for us, as well as the postal personnel. However, each country uses a different image for its stamp.

Let’s discuss further the stamps and address on the letters.

Where Does the Stamp Go On a Letter?

Where Does the Stamp Go On a Letter

It’s an easy thing but definitely something that everyone should know. The stamp always goes to the top corner on the right side of your letter’s envelope. You could use two types of stamps. Either a sticker stamp or the lickable stamp.

  • For a Sticker Stamp: You’ll simply have to peel off the back paper of the stamp, just the way you do for a sticker, and paste it on your letter’s top right corner.
  • For a Lickable Stamp: Lickable stamps are not really common now. But still, if you have one, you’ll simply have to give the back of the stamp a lick and paste It on the top right corner of the letter’s envelope.

Here’s basically how should you prepare your Letter’s envelope.

You should first stamp the envelope in the upper right corner, in order to make it easily readable by the postage scanning equipment and then process your letter further. It Is important to put up a stamp first in order to make sure you won’t mess up covering up the address with the stamp later on.

Now, for the destination and return addresses, write them away from the stamp so that there’s no chance of the addresses getting mixed up with the stamp anyway.

  • Return Address: This is the address of the person who is writing the letter to someone. This must go to the LEFT top corner of the envelope.
  • Destination Address: This is the address of the person you’re writing the letter to. This must be written in the center of the envelope.

Where to put a stamp on a letter?

A stamp is always placed on the Top Right Corner of the letter’s envelope. After the stamp, the addresses are mentioned; with the return address being on the Top Left corner and the destination address in the middle of the envelope.

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Where Does the Stamp Go On a Postcard?

Where Does the Stamp Go On a Postcard

For a postcard too, the stamp always goes on the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the card. You may buy a postcard from a local market or you may even design your own postcard if you like. Again, same as for the letters, you can go for either a sticker stamp or a lickable one.

With the stamp placed on the Top Right Corner of the postcard, you’ll mention the address just below it. the postcards have limited space with the left-hand side specified for your message and the right one for the stamp and the address.

For a postcard, as there is less space, it is important to mention the address of the person you’re sending the postcard to. And then, you may mention yours as well at the end.

Does the stamp go on the right?

Yes. The stamp has to be necessarily placed on the top right corner, for both the letters and postcards. For most of the postcards, there is a space assigned for the stamp to be placed. But for a letter, you’ll have to place it on the top right corner of its envelope.

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How to Address a Letter?

How to Address a Letter

Here are a few steps to address a letter.

  1. After you’ve placed the stamp on the Top Right corner, now move to the Top Left corner for the Return address (or more specifically, your address; who is writing the letter).
  2. Write your name and than complete address, starting from the house and street number, then your city, state, and finally the zip code.
  3. Now move to the center of the envelope for the destination address.
  • If you’re writing to a friend, mention his/her name.
  • If you’re writing to a couple, mention the name with Mr. and Mrs.
  • If you’re writing a casual letter to an overall family, mention the family name.

After the name, write the complete address of the recipient, followed by the house and street number, city, and then the state.

  1. If the letter is being sent to a company or organization, mention the apartment or office number along with the main address. Also, mention the Company’s name at the end.
  2. At last, if the letter is being sent to another country, mention the country’s name at the end, just under the recipient’s address.

Final Verdict

The correct alignment of things not only makes your letters and postcards look great, but they also help the post offices in delivering them to the right place, at the right time. So, always follow up the professional way of writing a letter.

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