How to Print Your Own Stamps – Print Stamps Online In 2021

Postage stamps are very important for a business and individual that sends lots of mail. Having stamps in bulk in the office or home can be very helpful as you can send mail anytime. Normally the Post Office is known for printing Postage stamps.

Many people often ask, Can you make your own stamps? Yes, you can make your own stamps. The US Post Office allows you to make your own stamps, however, you have to use one of the organization’s approved third-party vendors. There are many websites under the approval of USPS that print custom stamps.

The websites that print custom stamps include PictureItPostage, PhotoStamps,, SendPro, Zazzle, and others. These websites allow you to design and print your own stamps. You can confidently design and purchase custom stamps from one of these websites as these websites are approved by USPS.

The good thing about printing your own stamps is that you can save valuable time as well as effort. You can print stamps from the comfort of your home and mail letters anytime you want. Moreover, if you want to know how to print your own Postage stamps, continue reading as we will discuss a couple of methods to print custom stamps in this article.

How to Print Stamps Online?

There are many ways that you can use to print Postage stamps online. As mentioned earlier, there are many websites that allow you to print custom stamps from the comfort of your home. Printing stamps at home is very helpful because by doing so you will save your time and effort. Let’s start with different ways.

How to Print Your Own Postage Stamps Using

How to Print Your Own Postage Stamps Using

It is one of the best websites you can use to print custom stamps. You can print single stamps, sheets of stamps, as well as rolls of stamps. Moreover, it is quite easy to print stamps. Follow the following steps to print Postage stamps:

  • First of all, sign up to and make an account. Provide your contact info, create a username, and credit card so that you pay the monthly subscription charges.
  • After that, choose the ‘Mail’ tab.
  • Scroll down and select stamps from the ‘Print On’ menu.
  • On your NetStamps sheet, look for the serial number. You should be able to discover it in the sheet’s upper right corner. Every NetStamp sheet includes a serial number that identifies the style and format of your NetStamps so that the Stamps program can set it up correctly.
  • After that, enter the NetStamps label sheet’s serial number.
  • You may either allow to compute the postage model for you or manually enter the postage amount for each NetStamp.
  • However, if you want to send mail internationally, select the country you are sending mail to from the drop-down menu.
  • After selecting the country, enter the weight and value of your package or envelope. automatically enters 1 ounce as the weight, which is about the same as a 5-page letter.
  • After that, from the ‘Service’ drop-down menu, select the USPS service you wish to utilize (letter, postcard, envelope, etc.).
  • Next, choose how many NetStamps you want to print, or check the box to print the entire sheet.
  • To keep track of your postal costs, provide a reference number or choose a “Cost Code.”
  • After providing a reference number, fill your printer with the blank NetStamps page. NetStamps pages are symmetrical and may be loaded from either end, but you must specify which side of the paper you want the printer to print on (top or bottom). Typically, printers will show symbols to indicate which side of the paper is being printed on.
  • After you have finished configuring your printer, load your NetStamps page into it and select ‘Print Postage.’ It’s that simple.

How to Print Your Own Postage Stamps Using SendPro Online?

How to Print Your Own Postage Stamps Using SendPro Online

Printing custom stamps through SendPro Online is not a difficult task; it is quite easy to print your own stamps. You can print 25 stamps per page on your laser printer or inkjet. Moreover, you can also use a dedicated printer available at Pitney Bowes facilities to print on rolls.

Here are the steps to follow for printing own stamps:

  • First of all, sign in to the SendPro Online website or download its Desktop app.
  • After that, search for the serial number and enter the serial number on your stamp sheet.
  • Select the number of stamps you want to print.
  • Next, complete the forum by adding information and optional services like certified mail and postage class.
  • After you have made your selections, simply click “Print” and you’re done.

Keep in mind that these stamps are not Forever Stamps. This means their value changes when rates increase. Therefore, when the Postal Service changes stamps prices you have to print postage correction stamps if you want to use your old stamps. Printing of correction stamps is quite simple; it is the same as printing regular stamps.

International Packaging Labels

It is very important to carefully label and International package. Here are the steps to follow for labeling the package:

  • Print correct and complete both addresses clearly in Capital letters.
  • For writing, use a permanent marker or a pen.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t use periods or commas between the words.
  • Mark the envelope or package “Perishable” or “Fragile” when appropriate.
  • Lastly, make sure any other addresses are covered or blacked out if you’re reusing a box.

Can I Print Stamps On Regular Paper?

Yes, you can print stamps on regular paper for mailing packages. A package is defined as a box or padded mailer with a thickness of at least 3/4 inches. You can print on plain paper, own envelopes or labels, and NetStamps labels. Moreover, you may either print your labels on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper or buy self-adhesive labels that fit the label’s size requirements.

Why Should You Print Your Own Stamps?

Why Should You Print Your Own Stamps

When it comes to printing your own postage stamps, there are numerous benefits. Everyone’s demands are different; however, most postal customers believe that printing their own stamps online is far superior to buying stamps in person.

Following are the reasons why you should print your own stamps:

  • You will save your time as well as effort.
  • You never have a shortage of stamps; you can mail packages or envelopes anytime you want.
  • Printing stamps online is not that difficult. You can quite easily and fastly print your own stamps.
  • Printing stamps online is customizable which means that you can design custom stamps for a unique look.
  • You will save a bit of your money while printing stamps online as printing custom Postage stamps are cheap.
  • Lastly, printing stamps online is less wasteful. You won’t have to remember where you put those extra stamps since you will only print what you need.

Our Verdict

To conclude here, printing stamps online is very useful as you don’t have to go to the Post office or others when you need stamps. You can simply print the number of stamps you need. More importantly, it is less wasteful and you never have to worry about the shortage of stamps.

Lastly, printing stamps online is not that difficult. In this article, I have provided some options for you that you can use to print your own Postage stamps. I wish you the best of luck in printing your own stamps.


How much does postage machine cost?
Postage machines are very useful as you can print postage from home and save your small business time as well as money. The cost of the Postage meter varies. However, the rental costs for the most basic meter start at approximately $20 per month and escalate to over $1,000 per month for specialized mail processing facilities. Moreover, using a postage machine, you will pay exactly the price of the letter or parcel.
What is the best online postage service?
There are numerous choices available to assist you in finding fairly cost postage services that will satisfy the demands of you as well as your clients. Some best postage systems for small businesses are, Pitney Bowes, Data-Pac Mailing Systems, and FP Mailing Solutions.
Is it cheaper to print your own stamps?
It is cheaper to print your own stamps if you frequently mail letters or want to print stamps in bulk. However, if you want to print single stamps it is quite expensive. You will need a printer, the paper, the ink, and the adhesive for printing stamps so it will cost you a bit higher.
Can I print media mail postage at home?
Yes, you can print USPS Media Mail labels from home as well as the office prior to shipment. You’ll need a postal scale with which to weigh your package first. Moreover, you can easily print labels for your packages from For weighing the package use the USB scale so that you never worry about overpaying or underpaying the postage cost.

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