Does Price Chopper Sell Stamps? – Postage Stamps Guide

Does Price Chopper Sell Stamps?

The Short Answer is Yes, all of the Price Chopper stores do sell Postage stamps as of 2022.

Price Chopper is one of the supermarket chains that sell Postage stamps. Keep in mind that they don’t sell single stamps. However, they sell stamps in the form of a book of 20 stamps. Additionally, they sell only non-denominational Forever stamps.

The good thing about Price Chopper stamps is that they sell stamps for the same price as USPS. Moreover, finding stamps at a Price Chopper store is quite easy. You will find stamps at the customer service counter or the cashier counter. Simply pay at a checkout counter and get your stamps.

How many Price Choppers are there?

There are almost 132 price Chopper stores throughout the US. Price Chopper is a grocery store that runs under Golub Corporation. Golub Corporation is the parent company of Price Chopper. Golub Corporations also own market 32 supermarkets. Moreover, most supermarkets are located in Pennsylvania, New York, and New England.

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How to find Price Chopper near me?

If you are living in the areas mentioned above, you may easily find a store near you. If you don’t find a nearby Price Chopper supermarket, don’t worry about it.

find price chopper near you

You can easily find the nearest Price Chopper store with the help of a Store Locator, which is available on their official website. The store locator will give you the map of the nearest stores along with their phone numbers and working hours. Moreover, you can also call on their customer service number to know the location of the nearest Price Chopper stores.

Grocery Store Locations

Price Choppers have almost 132 supermarkets in Pennsylvania, New England, and New York regions. These regions include Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Almost 40 Price Chopper supermarkets (About 30% of total stores) are located alone in New York, where it was first established. The good thing about Price Chopper grocery stores is that they are open 24/7. Keep in mind the timings may vary because it depends on the community and location of the grocery store.

Can You Buy Stamps at Price Chopper?

Some people often asked, Can I buy Postage stamps at Price Chopper? Yes, you can purchase Postage stamps at Price Chopper grocery stores or supermarkets. Buying stamps from a Price Chopper store is pretty much like purchasing any other product. You just have to ask about stamps from the cash counter or register. They will add stamps to your checkout total. Simply pay and get your stamps; it’s that easy.

Can You Buy Stamps at Price Chopper

Moreover, if you are not sure whether your local Price Chopper store sells stamps or not, you don’t have to worry about it. Simply look for a large blue sticker that says “First-Class Stamps sold here” at the register or cash counter.

Types of Stamps Price Chopper Sells

Price Chopper only sells non-denominational Forever stamps in the form of a book of 20 stamps. Keep in mind a non-denominational stamp can be used forever, even if the prices of stamps increase.

Additionally, if you want to buy any other type of stamps, unfortunately, you will not find those stamps here. You have to look for a Post office or other store.

Can I weigh my Parcel at Price Chopper?

Keep in mind that you cannot weigh your parcel at a Price Chopper store. However, this problem can be fixed by weighting your parcel on the food scale. In this way, you may know the number of stamps that you need.

What Does Price Chopper Sell?

Price Chopper stores sell common goods, which you usually find at a grocery store. They sell eggs, meat, beer, frozen foods, snacks, and many other products. Most of the Price Chopper locations have ATMs, pharmacies, bottle recycling, and Coinstar machines. Moreover, the prices of things at a Price Chopper store are the same as many other stores, including Ralph’s, Kroger, and Giant.

About Price Chopper

Price Chopper is an American supermarket chain that is headquartered in Schenectady, New York. It was founded in 1932 by Ben Golub and Bill Golub. It was initially known as Central Market. They changed this name to Price Chopper in 1973.

Moreover, the parent organization of Price Chopper is Golub Corporation. In addition to the Price Chopper stores, the Golub Corporation also operates stores called Market 32. The popularity of Price Chopper increased by the time they started. According to a report in 2019, they had a revenue of 3.5 billion and about 24000 employees.

Does Price Chopper Sell Stamps – FAQs

Does the Price Chopper store have a senior discount?
No, Price Chopper stores don’t offer senior discounts. However, they have a Senior AdvantEdge Card. This card is free for people over age 60. Moreover, this card is available at the service desks of all the Price Chopper stores.
Who is Price Chopper owned by?
The Golub family owns price Chopper. The Golub family also operates other stores called Market 32 and Market Bistro. They have more than 25000 employees in these stores throughout the country.
Does Price Chopper sell single stamps?
No, Price Chopper stores don’t sell single stamps. However, they sell stamps in the form of a book of 20 stamps. Additionally, they only sell non-denominational First-Class Forever stamps for the same price as USPS.


Our Verdict

Price Choppers are a great place for Postage stamps as you can buy many other things along with stamps. The good thing about Price Chopper is that they sell stamps for the same price as the United States Postal Service.

However, keep in mind that they only sell non-denominational Forever stamps. Also, they don’t sell single stamps. Overall, Price Chopper is a perfect one-stop location for stamps and other things.

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