Does Ingles Sell Postage Stamps? – Buy Stamps from Ingles

Yes, Ingles does sell Postage stamps.

Ingles sells First-Class Forever stamps provided by the USPS. Ingles is an American supermarket chain. It is prevalent in the south-eastern states of the United States. Ingles offers groceries and also provides customers with pharmacies, gas stations, and even an in-door dietitian.

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Where to Find Ingles?

Ingles has more than 200 stores in six southeastern states. You will find Ingles stores in big cities like Washington, Las Vegas, Dallas. You will also find Ingles in some smaller towns like Tennessee, Jasper, and Georgia.

As we mentioned earlier, Ingles stores operate in six Southwestern states. Georgia has more number of stores; it alone has almost 69 stores. However, there are 63 stores in North Carolina, 35 stores in South Carolina, 20 in Tennessee, 1 in Alabama, and 1 in Virginia.

If you live in these states, you can easily find the nearest Ingles store with the help of Ingles Store Locator. The locator will help you in finding the closest store. Just enter city details or zip code, and click search. After that, the locator will give you the map of the nearest stores along with phone numbers and working hours.

If you cannot find an Ingles store near you that sells stamps, check out our guide on Where you can buy stamps.

Where to Find Ingles

How to get Stamps from Ingles?

Ingles doesn’t have an app; that’s why it doesn’t offer grocery delivery and curbside pickup. However, they have other ways; they provide gas stations, pharmacies, car washes, and even Starbucks. You can easily purchase Postage stamps from Ingles.

Ingles sells stamps during the store’s infancy, along with other promotional products. Keep in mind; your closest Ingles store may not have stamps. Therefore, it is best to call before directly visiting to check the availability of stamps in their stock.

You will find stamps in Ingles stores; if you don’t find them there, you may find them at a pharmacy or gas station. Keep in mind Ingles stores only sell First-Class Forever stamps, just like other supermarkets. The value of Forever stamps never decreases; their value remains the same after years.

Is Ingles a good place to work?

Yes, Ingles is a good place to work. They are very cooperative, and they promote their staff after some time. They also have a good work-life and a comfortable work environment. Ingles is a great place to work if you want a better environment and better opportunities.

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About Ingles

Ingles is a US superstore chain based in Black Mountain, North Carolina. It was founded by Robert P Ingle and Robert P. Ingle II. Ingles was founded in Asheville, North Carolina, and its headquarters is in the same place.

About Ingles

Robert Ingles worked in a grocery store that was founded by his grandfather. This work gave him a lot of experience and a lot of understanding. So, he thought of opening a store. In 1953, he opened the first Ingles store in Asheville.

After some time, the Ingles stores expanded throughout South and North Carolina. Over some years, it spread to Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Currently, Ingles has more than 200 stores in these six South-eastern states.

Our Verdict

Ingles is an American supermarket chain. It sells a variety of things and offers good services at reasonable prices. If you want to purchase stamps, Ingles will be a great choice. However, you will only get First-Class Forever stamps from an Ingles store. Overall, Ingles is a great one-stop location for stamps and other things.


How many Ingles stores are there?
Ingles has more than 200 stores throughout the six southeastern states. They have stores in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia. You will find Ingles stores in big cities as well as in some small towns.
Does Ingles sell Postage stamps?
Yes, all the Ingles stores do sell Postage stamps. Keep in mind that they only sell First-Class Forever stamps. Moreover, it is good to call the nearest Ingles store to make sure of the availability of stamps.
Who is the CEO of Ingles Markets?
James W Lanning is the CEO of Ingles markets. He became CEO in Mar 2016, and until now, he is the CEO. On the other hand, it was founded by Robert P. Ingle II and Robert P Ingle in 1963.

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