Sizes of Stamps – Dimensions Of Postage & Forever Stamps

As you know, stamps are the most important thing to send parcels or letters in the United States. Many people often ask, “What is the size of a stamp?” Stamps come in different sizes depending on the design, type of stamp, country’s origin, stamp class, and many more.

However, in this article, we will share some of the most used sizes of the US Postage stamps. Continue reading for in-depth information on the sizes of Postage stamps.

USPS Stamp Size

Postage stamps come in different sizes; not all stamps have the same size. However, a Traditional First-Class stamp is normally less than a square inch in size, and many have the same dimensions.

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Forever Stamp Sizes

Forever stamps are the most common and widely used type of stamp in the United States. They are used to mail letters that weigh up to one ounce. The size of Forever stamps varies in size depending on the stamp’s design. However, the average size of a First-Class Forever stamp is 0.87inch x 0.979inch, and in millimeters, the size is 22mm x 25mm.

Commemorative Forever Stamp Sizes

Commemorative Forever stamps also vary in size. This is because the lengths of stamps are usually adjusted according to the different shapes of stamps.

Commemorative Forever Stamp Sizes

For instance:

  • The biggest commemorative stamp is the Drug-Free USA Forever stamp. It is bigger than most forever stamps. This stamp measures 0.98inch x 1.56inch in inches, and the size in millimeters is 24.89mm x 39.62mm.
  • The other commemorative stamp is the Garden Beauty commemorative forever stamp. The size of this stamp inches is 1.19inch x 0.9inch, and the size in millimeters is 20.22mm x 23.11mm. Garden Beauty commemorative forever stamps are issued to celebrate the American passion for flowers and gardens.
  • Brush Rabbit Additional Ounce Stamp is another commemorative stamp. The Brush Rabbit Additional Ounce Stamp size is 0.87inch x 0.98inch in inches and 22.09mm x 24.89mm in millimeters.

How do find the exact dimensions of a commemorative stamp?

Finding the exact dimensions of a commemorative stamp is not that difficult. Just follow the following steps:

  • First of all, go to the USPS (United States Postal Service) website.
  • After that, click on the stamp which you want to know the dimensions.
  • After clicking on the stamp, click on the quick view option.
  • Scroll down and click on see full details.
  • After clicking on full details, scroll down and choose the product specs in the menu on the lower left.
  • On this page, you will see the total size of the stamp, including perforations. Moreover, the image area on the page gives you the size of the image on the stamp.

Royal Mail Stamp Sizes

The sizes of Royal mail also differ. However, most of the Royal Mail stamps in the United Kingdom measure 0.82inch x 0.94inch in inches and 21mm x 24mm in millimeters. This measurement is measured from the middle of the stamp perforation.

Furthermore, if the stamp is directly printed on the envelope, then the stamp will be 1.5mm narrower in height as well as because of the lack of a perforated edge. The stamp which is directly printed on the envelope usually measures 0.77inch x 0.88inch in inches and 19.5mm x 22.5mm in millimeters.

Mailing Envelope Sizes

There are many sizes of mailing envelopes. However, there are some requirements by USPS which must be fulfilled to be eligible for mailing. Some requirements include:

Mailing Envelope Sizes

  • The envelope should be rectangular.
  • The minimum size of the envelope should be 3.5-inch (H) x 5-inch (L) x 0.007-inch (T).
  • At last, the size of an envelope should not be more than 6.125-inch (H) x 11.5-inch (L) x 0.25-inch (T).

What size of envelopes requires additional Postage?

An envelope larger than dimensions 6.125-inch (H) x 11.5-inch (L) x 0.25-inch (T) requires additional Postage. Additionally, if the letter or envelope does not exceed these dimensions, but weighs more than 1 ounce, then there’s also a need to affix additional Postage. Similarly, if the envelope weighs less than 1 ounce, then you have to add only one First Class postage stamp.

Sizes of Stamps – FAQs

Are there different sizes of stamps?
Yes, there are different sizes of stamps. The size of stamps varies in size, but it ranges from 0.870-inch x 0.98 inches to 1.255-inch x 1.59-inch. Moreover, the specific rectangular sizes range from definitive to jumbo.
What is the size of a stamp for a postcard?
If you are mailing a postcard, then there must be a 1.125-inch x 1.25-inch white box so that the stamp can go into it. Moreover, the addressing area must be 3.25 inches wide and at least 1.5 tall. Keep in mind that don’t place stamps over any image. You should always place stamps in the upper-right corner of the mailing side of the postcard.


Our Verdict

To conclude here, stamps come in different sizes depending on the design, country’s origin, type of stamp, stamps class, and many more. There are different sizes of stamps which we have already discussed in the article. We hope that you find this article helpful.

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