Does Fry’s Sell Stamps? – How Much Price Of Stamps

Yes, Fry’s does sell Postage stamps.

If you are in the USA and cannot access the US post office, it will be pretty easy for you to get stamps in most of the supermarkets. Fry’s Food and Drug is one of those supermarkets that sells Postage stamps.

They sell stamps along with many other things. The good thing about Fry’s is that they sell things in their stores as well as online. Many people often ask, “Does Fry’s accept PayPal?” Based on our research, Fry’s stores don’t accept PayPal. However, they may accept PayPal in some stores, but we are not sure about this.

Where Can I Find a Fry’s store?

There are more than 120 Fry’s Food and Drug stores throughout the United States. If you don’t know where is the nearest Fry’s store, use Fry’s Store Locator service to know the nearest Fry’s locations. The store locator service is quite easy to use.

Just enter zip code, city details, or state details and press enter. After that, the locator will give you the information of the closest stores with their maps, phone numbers, and working hours. Additionally, you can also choose the “Search Using My Location” option. This is the simplest way of finding the closest Fry’s stores.

Where Can I Find a Fry’s store

What Type of Stamps Does Fry’s sell?

Fry’s Food and Drug stores only sell stamps in large numbers. They usually sell stamps in the form of booklets. Generally, each booklet contains 20 stamps. However, they don’t sell single stamps.

However, you will not find stamps in the open, like most other convenient stores. They do so to avoid destruction and theft. They keep stamps and other mailing accessories behind cash registers or in storage warehouses.

If you want to purchase Postage stamps at a Fry’s Food and Drug store, you just have to ask a cashier, a staff member, or any customer service agent about stamps. They will tell you where they keep stamps, or they will automatically add stamps to your checkout total. Pay and get stamps within minutes.

Stamp Prices at a Fry’s store

Fry’s Food and Drug stores usually sell stamps for a bit more price than a USPS office. However, it is not a big issue as Fry’s stores are open on weekends and stay open for longer hours than most post offices. Additionally, they also sell mailing accessories in one place. This makes Fry’s the best place for stamps and other things.

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Fry’s Customer Service hours

It is a good idea to get the working hours of any store before directly visit. For each location, Fry’s has different opening and closing hours.

Working hours are dependent on Fry’s location. However, here are the approx. Timings:

Mon – Fri Timings

  • It opens at nearly 7 AM.
  • It closes at Midnight.

Sat-Sun Timings

  • It opens at nearly 7 AM.
  • It closes around 9:30 PM.

Additionally, you can also check the timing for each Fry’s store from the Official Website of Fry’s Food and Drug stores.

Fry’s Customer Service hours

About Fry’s

Fry’s Food and Drug stores are one of the major chains of supermarkets in the United States. It was founded in 1954 by the Charles brothers and Donald Fr. Moreover, it was founded in Contra Costa County, California. The headquarters of Fry’s stores are in Tolleson, Arizona.

This was sold to Dillons in 1972, and after the sale, Charles’s brothers used the money to found Fry’s Electronics in 1985. Fry’s Electronics and Fry’s Food and Drug stores have almost the same name and similar logo, but they both are two separate entities. They have no affiliations with each other.

Currently, Fry’s Food and Drug stores have more than 120 branches throughout the United States. Moreover, Kroger is the parent organization of Fry’s Food and Drug stores.

Our Verdict

Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets sell Postage stamps and many other things. However, they typically sell stamps for a bit more price than a USPS office; it is not a big issue as Fry’s stores are open on weekends and stay open for longer hours than most post offices. This makes it a perfect place for stamps. Additionally, you can buy many other things from a Fry’s store, which is again a great side of the Fry’s stores.


Can you return food to Fry's?
Yes, you can return food to Fry’s. They accept returns of items purchased within 30 days of purchase. However, the receipt will be compulsory if you want to return your food. Additionally, there are two receipt options digital receipt and paper receipt. Keep in mind that the returns will be refunded to the same payment method that was used to make the purchase.
How much does it cost to cash a check at Fry’s?
You can cash checks conveniently and quickly at the Money Services desk in your local Fry’s store. The fee for cashing a check with a Shopper’s Card is $3 for checks up to $2000. Moreover, the fee for cashing a check for checks between $2,000.01 and $5,000 is $5.50.


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