Does Schnucks Sell Stamps? – Can I buy Stamps at Schnucks?

Does Schnucks Sell Stamps?

Yes, Schnucks does sell Postage stamps as of 2022.

Schnucks is one of the supermarket chains that sell Postage stamps. You can easily buy stamps from almost all Schnucks branches. Moreover, it also sells a variety of other things that include groceries, fresh bakery, deli, dairy, freshly prepared food, sandwiches, pharmaceutical products, and many more. Additionally, you can buy lottery tickets for Mega Millions at almost all the Schnucks stores.

You have already known that Schnucks is a US supermarket chain. Many people often ask, “How many Schnucks stores are there?” There are almost 112 Schnucks stores throughout the five states of the US. The states in which Schnucks has stores include Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Find Schnucks Stores

As you know, Schnucks has 112 stores throughout the midwestern part of the US. It has almost 94 stores alone in Missouri and has other locations in other states, including Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Find Schnucks Stores

If you are living in Missouri, I’m 100% sure you will easily find a Schnucks near your home. If you are still confused that how to find the closest Schnucks store, you don’t have to worry about it. Use Schnucks Store Locator, which is available on Schnuck’s official website. The store locator option is quite easy to use, just type a city, and state details, and click search. After that, the locator will give you the information about the nearest stores along with their maps, working hours, and phone numbers.

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What Types of Stamps do Schnucks sell?

Schnucks sells a variety of stamps, including regular and theme Postage stamps. However, they only sell stamps in sets of 2 or 8 or a book of stamps, just like other grocery stores.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay a bit more than a USPS or Post office for stamps. Generally, grocery stores or supermarkets sell stamps for a bit more price than USPS. However, you can buy many other things along with stamps, so most people do not mind the extra dollar because they get an amazing shopping experience at Schnucks.

What Types of Stamps Schnucks sells

Can I buy stamps at Schnucks?

Yes, you can definitely buy postage stamps at almost all the Schnucks stores. For buying stamps, go to the office supply section, and ask any of the staff in the area. He/she will further guide you to the Postage stamps section.

Schnucks sells things online as well on their website, but the Postage stamps are not included on the website. If you want to buy stamps online, contact customer service, they will add stamps to your order.

Schnucks Curbside Pickup

If you want to avail of curbside pickup service, simply visit, and select the “Pickup” option there. After selecting the Pickup option, select a time between 9 AM. and 9 PM. You will get a text/app message with store pickup and parking instructions after the completion of the purchase.

About Schnucks

Schnucks is America’s biggest privately-owned supermarket chain. It was founded in 1929 by Edwin Schnucks and his wife, Anna Schnucks. Moreover, it was founded in St. Louis, Missouri and the headquarters of the Schnucks is also in the same area.

Currently, Schnucks has almost 112 stores throughout the five states of the US. By 2019, Schnucks had almost 14,500 employees in all the stores throughout the five states. Furthermore, the revenue for the year 2019 of all the stores was more than 3.1 billion dollars.

Does Schnucks Sell Stamps – FAQs

What is the cost of Postage Stamps at Schnucks?
Schnucks stores sell stamps at a bit higher price than the USPS (United States Postal Service) or US Post Office. However, it is not a big issue as you can buy many other things along with Postage stamps.
Can I buy single stamps from a Schnucks store?
No, you cannot buy single stamps from any Schnucks store. They only sell stamps in sets of 2 or 8, or a book of 20 stamps. If you want to buy single stamps, go to the USPS, Post Office, FedEx, or any other courier store.
Who owns Schnucks grocery?
The Schnucks family owns Schnucks grocery stores. They currently have 112 stores in five states throughout the midwestern part of the United States. Schnucks also ran stores under the Hilander Foods and Logli Supermarkets banners.


Our Verdict

Schnucks is a great place for stamps, as you can buy many other things along with Postage stamps. You can buy stamps from almost all the Schnucks stores.

However, the prices of stamps at the Schnucks store are a bit higher than the USPS or Post Office, but it is not a big issue for many of the customers. Overall, Schnucks is a perfect one-stop location.

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