Does QuikTrip Take EBT? – 2022 Complete Guide

Does QuikTrip Take EBT, yes QuikTrip does take EBT but not for gas. This means that you may purchase grocery and food items stuff from QuikTrip convenience stores using EBT, but you can’t purchase gas to fill up your vehicle’s tank.

In case you haven’t heard about QuikTrip, it’s a convenience store chain. Convenience stores that accept EBT are helpful when you are on the go and don’t want to go grocery shopping. You can buy a newspaper, snacks, filtered water, soft drinks, and gas at C-stores, which are known as the cheapest places to buy food on a budget.

QuikTrip is considered one of the best convenience stores in the nation. And in case you’re approved for SNAP benefits, we’d recommend you to always call the QT location nearby you and confirm if they are accepting EBTs.

Can You Use EBT at QuikTrip? Yes. QuikTrip, like any other convenience store, allows the use of EBT cards for the citizens who have been qualified and approved for the SNAP program.

This article contains answers to all the queries you might have related to the use of EBT at QuikTrip.

Does QT Take Apply Pay?

Yes. All QuikTrip locations now accept Apple Pay! Although the company does not have any plans to put it at the pump, you can follow their social media channels in case they announce anything!

So, you can use your Apple Cash card to pay for items as long as it is set up in your wallet and has a balance.

However, there are a few locations (only a few though) that accept Apple Pay at their gas pumps as well. But to make sure, you’ll have to ask the service staff there or contact a QT store nearby.

Does QT Take Apply Pay

How to Use Apple Pay at QT?

The convenience of Apply Pay at the pump can save you a trip inside if your location supports it. QT makes it very easy for anyone to use Apple Pay to buy gas.

To use Apple Pay, go to the pump, unlock your mobile or watch and confirm the payment using the Apply Pay

It is a good idea to set up Apply Pay before you leave home if it is your first time using it.

You can pass your first card by opening your Apple Wallet app and following the instruction. It is likely that you will need to contact your credit card company to verify this, but that should take only seconds.

Once you’ve arrived at the pump, and you’re ready to pay, open up your Apple Wallet and verify your ID using Apple Touch ID, Face ID, or your device’s unlock code before you make the payment.

Does QuikTrip Take Google Pay?

Yes. QuikTrip does accept Google Pay since 2016. You don’t need to pull out your wallet to make payments when you have Google Pay. It’s fast and easy.

Setting up Google Pay is easy and quick. It only takes a few minutes, and it will save you a lot of time when you go to check out.

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Does QuikTrip Take Google Pay

What can You Buy with EBT at QT?

All the grocery and food items that have been approved for the SNAP program can be bought with EBT at QT. When shopping at QuikTrip with your EBT card, stick only to the grocery aisle.

Here’s a list of the type of items you can purchase with EBT at QT.

  • Bread and cereals
  • Poultry products like chicken meat and eggs
  • Soft & Energy drinks like red bull, Pepsi, and sprite, among others
  • Fresh, Frozen, and Canned Fruits and vegetables
  • Seafood like fish, shrimp, shellfish, lobster, and others
  • Pork products like sausages, chops, bacon, and tenderloin
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Red meat like steak, ribs, ground beef, and more
  • Dessert items like brownies, cookies, ice cream, etc.
  • Cooking oils like olive, coconut, and vegetable oil
  • Candies
  • Snack crackers and chips

What Can’t You Buy with EBT at QT?

Non-food items cannot be bought with EBT at QT. There must be no confusion about this. You can only purchase the items that are SNAP-approved.

Here’s a list of the type of items you can’t buy with EBT at QT.

  • Fuel pumps
  • QT Kitchen Counters
  • Beer, Wine, and Spirits
  • Medicine and vitamins
  • Tobacco products
  • Cleaning supplies and household products
  • Pet food
  • Feminine products and supplements
  • Cosmetics and skincare

Can I Buy Hot Food with EBT?

No. it isn’t allowed by the SNAP benefits to buy hot food with EBT.

How to Use EBT at QuikTrip?

Whether you’re at QuikTrip or any other grocery or convenience store, the use of EBT remains simple and the same, just like that of any other debit or credit card.

How to Use EBT at QuikTrip

Here are the steps to be followed.

  1. Go to the checkout lane with your groceries.
  2. Your eligible and non-eligible food items may need to be separated.
  3. Scan your EBT card through the POS terminal, or hand it to the cashier.
  4. You will be asked to input your four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the keyboard. Instead of the numbers, you enter, you will see ****.
  5. Click “Enter” to complete the process by your side.
  6. The clerk will enter the purchase amount. You press “OK” or “YES” if the amount is correct.
  7. And then, at last, you’ll be issued a receipt with your name and other important info on it. It is recommended to keep the receipt with you so that when you visit next time, you’ll know the balance.

How Much Does QT Pay?

The average QuikTrip salary ranges from approximately $23414 per year for a Clerk to $123441 per year for Real Estate Manager. For complete info, you may visit

Does QuikTrip Take EBT – FAQs

Can i get a Slurpee with food stamps?
Yes. Drinks, Slurpee, and other related items are eligible to be bought using food stamps.
Does QuikTrip sell dog food?
Yes. QuikTrip does sell dog food as well as cat food.
When does the QT kitchen close?
QT kitchen closes at 10 pm every day. Its everyday timings are from 12 to 3 pm and then 5 to 10 pm. While it remains entirely closed on Mondays.
Can you buy bakery items with EBT?
Yes. According to USDA, as long as non-edible decorations do not exceed 50 percent of a cake’s purchase price, special occasion cakes such as birthday cakes can be purchased with food stamp benefits.



Over 900 QuikTrip convenience stores in 12 states accept EBT. Fuel, however, cannot be purchased with food stamps using an EBT card. You can only get around it if you receive other types of government aid such as TANF.

With that card, you’d be able to receive cashback at the pump, withdraw cash at a Quest ATM that disburses $10, or buy hot, prepared food at a QuikTrip deli counter with your TANF benefits.

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